Welcome to join us in our regional summer camp!

This summer more than 3000 scouts from all over will gather at the campsite Sjöröd in southern Sweden for an amazing time together!

Marketplace is the theme of the camp honouring the regions many different markets ranging from the apple market in Kivik to Viking gatherings in Höllviken.


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camp dates: 29/7-4/8

Camp fee

The different fees for participating in the summer camps depending on ages and time at the camp.

Full camp week

For all participants over 10 years old


Half week camp 

Either 29/7-1/8 or 1/8 - 4/8

For participants between 8-10 year old

900 kr

Scout ledares child

Below 8 years old

0 kr

Do your group want to join us?

Where´s the campsite Sjöröd?

Heres some direction to the campsite and how you can contact us!

Scouterna i Skåne

Studentgatan 4, 211 38 Malmö

We´ll see you there, right?